Reganosa is a person-oriented organisation. We collaborate with a variety of entities in order to implement projects in the areas of education, culture and sports, with the participation of over 6,000 people of our closest environment.

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Racing de Ferrol


We are the main sponsor of the Rácing de Ferrol, founded in 1919. Its achievements include the subchampionship of the Copa de España. It is currently playing in 2nd Division B, but it has a history of over 30 seasons in 2nd Division.

Rácing de Ferrol plays an outstanding role in involving the youth in sports and shares many of its values with the Reganosa's business culture.

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We collaborate with the Club do Mar de Mugardos, the rowing club with the longest history, the greatest achievements and the deepest roots in Ferrol’s estuary. It promotes rowing and a passion for the sea in all age groups from junior to senior and features a variety of boats equipped with both sliding and fixed seats. Other sports activities are also provided by Club do Mar.


The rowers of Club do Mar de Mugardos have achieved major accomplishments. Its main crew is the traineras senior, who competes in the Galician League of Traíñas. It was the winner of the two highest awards in Spainish Skiffs championships, besides also winning nine championships in Galicia to name but a few trophies.

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We sponsor the Galicia de Mugardos, founded in 1952. This team plays in the 3rd Division after having promoted for the first time at the end of the 2014-2015 season.

Galicia de Mugardos stands out for promoting the practice of sports at all levels. It has teams in all age groups, from children to senior and in both male and female categories.