Get to know us

About us

Owner and operator of the Galician LNG terminal in Mugardos (A Coruña), Reganosa is the leading Galician multinational energy company. In accordance with the principles of safety, efficiency and flexibility, it develops a key activity in the transformation of the energy model and in the mitigation of the effects of climate change. The company is part of a group, Reganosa Holdco, which operates basic assets for security of supply in Europe and Africa, is a world leader in the management of third-party liquefied natural gas terminals, and owns 25% of the Musel E-Hub. In recent years it has provided a wide range of services in 24 countries on four continents. It also promotes projects in energy storage, renewables, circular economy, digitalization and green hydrogen.

Our work, our best calling card

We have developed infrastructures that include safety criteria and a concern for the environment in their design, as well as providing the adequate dimensions and availing ourselves of state-of-the-art technology. We guarantee compliance with quality standards, investment and deadlines through strict planning and supervision procedures. 

We operate and maintain infrastructures in a safe, efficient and flexible way. We have implemented strict management procedures and systems and we also keep an exhaustive control and measurement of the energy we are entrusted with. We take every necessary measure to adapt and meet the ever growing logistical demands of the natural gas industry.

 Our day-to-day operations have given us a valuable experience so that we are now able to provide expert advice to regulatory authorities and participate in infrastructure projects along with other stakeholders in the industry.

We rely on innovation

We are constantly seeking new ways and tools to do our work more effectively. We have created new methods for the measurement and control of environmental impact. We innovate in our daily work by developing proprietary software for the calendar of work permits, shift management and for the monitoring of safety, environment and quality integrated systems. We have developed tools that allow us to design transmission systems while minimizing investment and operational costs. We keep lines of study open for the application of LNG to new domains.

Together we are stronger

We cannot conceive our activity without the collaboration we have established with both institutions and companies. Given the nature of our work, we cooperate with regulatory authorities and research centres in the pursuit of the best solutions to provide society with the energy it needs. We believe in the value that results from joint collaboration between companies and universities, thus ensuring the transfer of knowledge. We have promoted an alliance with shipyards, ship owners, industries and other companies within the energy industry, thus generating value.