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Health and Safety, Environment and Quality Policy

The present Policy defines the principles of occupational health and safety, environment and quality, applicable to all professionals of the companies which form part of the Reganosa Group. The commitments taken by Reganosa regarding the development of the different activities are the following:

  1. Management and Risk Control: Reganosa has a certified Integrated Management System, periodically reviewed based on international rules and standards, which aims to set services that add value, while maintaining a maximum protection of the environment and ensuring health and safety. Furthermore, Reganosa has a system in place to manage key risks and opportunities in its areas of activity.
  2. Commitment to continuous improvement: Reganosa strictly complies with the laws and regulations applicable to its activities and, in particular in terms of environmental management, safety and prevention of major accidents in those infrastructures where it  is applicable and voluntarily adopts additional controls. Furthermore, Reganosa constantly improves its processes, establishing specific objectives and measurement systems to determine their level of achievement.
  3. Staff training: Reganosa sets training programs for all its professionals, aimed at attaining excellence and the development of the necessary technical knowledge in each area of activity. These programs are completed with a performance evaluation system as well as simulations and hands-on practice.
  4. Leadership and responsibility: The principles of health, safety and environment are a responsibility of each and every one of Reganosa's staff.
  5. Incorporation of health safety, and sustainable development criteria: Reganosa includes health, safety, and sustainable development criteria throughout the lifecycle of the Group´s operations. Reganosa is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions in all its activities and to protect the environment and reduce the effects on climate change, respecting biodiversity and promoting the efficient use of energy and natural resources.
  6. Communication, participation and enquiry: Reganosa shares information with its stakeholders in an accessible, rigorous and transparent manner. Additionally, it has established, both internal and external, permanent dialogue and communication channels which enable the response to all the queries and information requests received.

Reganosa's Management is committed to providing the human and material resources needed for this Policy to be received, implemented, and observed by all the Group's staff and external collaborators.