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Before applying for a visit, please take the following into account:

1º) Visitors may only access the facilities accompanied by our personnel which who will escort them at all times and shall be responsible for compliance with safety and security criteria.

2º) Reganosa is expressly exempted from any liability whatsoever resulting from any incident or accident that visitors may have during their stay within the industrial premises owned by us.

3º) Visitors must comply with the safety norms in place as well as the instructions given by the person or persons in charge of guiding the visit. Visitors may not separate from the group at any time.

4º) Visitors must provide an ID at the security check upon arrival. Once our staff confirm that the visit is authorized, they will be taken to the administration building where they will sign the entrance authorisation. Visitors will be issued the personal protective equipment (PPE) as required for each specific case.


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