Transparency template

A question of transparency

Operators of the LNG plants and transmission system operators must publish in their websites information in accordance with the provisions of Regulation 715/2009. It is for this reason that GLE (Gas LNG Europe) has developed a common tool to ensure that information is more accessible to both the market and the users of regasification stations.

In so far as we are   both the owners and the operators of one such plant as well as members of GLE, we have agreed to voluntarily implement the “Transparency Template” , which makes access to this information easier. With it you can:

 • Go through hyperlinks from the macro areas to the submenus to the required information.
 • Respect the diversity of business model and the regulatory conditions.
 • Make that information, which is already in websites, is more accessible to the market.



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Macroarea Submenu Links
Contact Contact Contact
Characteristics of infrastructures Characteristics of the terminal Information about the terminal and capacities as PD-10
Characteristics of the transmission network Information about the transmission network and capacities as PD-10
Description of services Good Practices Guide 
Services offered
Quality of gas/LNG Quality of gas/ LNG
How to become a customer/user? Main steps for applying access Main steps for applying access
Contract information Contract information
TSO information Reganosa
Ship Procedures Ship Procedures
Capacities Primary Market Capacities and personalized consultation
Seconday Market Secondary market is regulated by Regulation 715/2009 and the Law 34/1998 in the articles 65 bis y 65 ter.
Tolls Regulated Plants Tariffs and calculation methodology 
Exempted Plants N/A
Legal notice Contracts / network codes Regulations and Protocols 
Regulation / Legislation National regulation
European regulation: Third energy package and Network codes 
Operational data Historical data Historical data
Operation details Operational data
Miscellaneous Proyects Ten Year Network Development Plan

* You can consult the gas sector basic legislation in this section. Selection criteria is not exhaustive and, therefore, it may not contain all the legislation currently in force.