Public interest, deep roots in Galicia, a know-how of the energy industry and international financial solvency are the characteristics that define our shareholders.

Our shareholders are currently composed of Reganosa Holdco (75 %), Sojitz Corporation (15 %) and Sonatrach (10 %).





José María Paz Goday, who has held the presidency of Reganosa since December 2012, was born in A Coruña in 1949. He is an industrial engineer of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

He started his career in the telecommunications sector and has worked in the energy sector since 1975, where he has undertaken important responsibilities in companies and international organizations.

In Unión Fenosa, José María Paz was General Secretary of Regulation, a position he occupied after being promoted from his position as director of the said General Secretariat. In the same company he was also head of the  Studies department, Managing Director of Exploitation and Director of International Power Action.

He participated in the creation of Red Eléctrica de España, the company that operates the high-voltage grid, as a member of the Technical Secretariat of Aselectrica, the predecessor of Red Eléctrica. At Red Eléctrica de España he was Managing Director of Exploitation for 10 years. He had previously occupied relevant positions such as director of Operation and Analysis of Exploitation and Director of Grid Planning.

Internationally, José María Paz played a relevant role in organisations within the energy sector. Of particular relevancy is the vice presidency, the presidency and the presidency of the Restricted Committee of the Union for the coordination of Production and Transmission of Electricity (UCPTE) and Chairman of the Market Structure and Regulation Section and Regulation of Eurelectric, representation of the Electricity Sector before the European Commission. He was furthermore a member of the Professional Consultative Committee on Electricity, to advise the European Commission and the TransEuropean Networks Task Force.

He has also taught at Escuela de Organización Industrial.